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Week Title Readings for Next Week Homework for Next Week Design Jam
1 - 01/21/2011 Introduction to the course & Design Thinking

Brainstorm ~10 Final Project Ideas Finding My Glasses

Start thinking of ideas for your final project now - and use the next 2 weeks of class for inspiration

Sites that provide examples of bad design:

Site that provides example of good design:

2 - 01/28/2011 Case Studies/Thinking about the Design Process

Exploration of Opportunity Spaces Assignment Avoiding Parking Tickets
3 - 02/04/2011 Social Entrepreneurship, Business & Technological Opportunities

Alexis Ohanian at Startup Bootcamp

Optional readings:

Final Project Topic Pitch Multiple Doors to the Bathroom
4 - 02/11/2011 The Pitch: Organizing Ideas and Selecting your Final Project Group

Optional readings:

People Watching in Opportunity Spaces
  • Bring something to take notes with, whether a laptop, a pen/pencil, a notebook, looseleaf paper, or whatnot.
  • Be prepared to evaluate other people's ideas, and figure out: (a) how your idea might fit in with theirs, or (b) if you would like to work on your idea more, (c) if you'd like to join them in working on their idea
5 - 02/18/2011 Anthropology, Ethnography & Personas

Optional readings:

Design a Useful E-Book Reader
6 - 02/25/2011 Paper Prototyping & Design Tools

Optional readings:

User Test Paper Prototyping Design Jam

Bring your personas & context statement to class in some useable form (whether on your laptop or printed).

Feel free to bring a camera to class in case you want to take pictures of the prototyping process.

Also, feel free to bring any paper prototyping materials you want to:

  • Scraps of paper, colored pens, stickies, other art materials
  • Printouts or pictures of artifacts relating to your topic of interest.
  • If you have a digital camera, take some relevant photos of the use context and print them out.

We will be practicing paper prototyping in class.

7 - 03/04/2011 Analyzing Usability and the User Experience

Redesign Banner
8 - 03/11/2011 Organizing a Project

Optional readings:

Technology Tutorial Using the Post Office
9 - 03/18/2011 Research the Competition/Tech tools

Optional readings: How to Fund a Startup

Functional Prototyping Time Management Design Jam
10 - 03/25/2011 Spring Break

No class! Work on your functional prototypes! :)

11 - 04/01/2011 Business Models, for- and non-profit The VC Pitch & The Elevator pitch

Final Project Plan Help me pack my lunch
12 - 04/08/2011 The social responsibility of IT

White-flight in Networked Places? How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook

Weekly Final Project Check-ins

Guest Lecturer:
Maria Tchijov, Outreach Director at

13 - 04/15/2011 Creating Passionate Users

Weekly Final Project Check-ins

Guest Lecturer:
Vanessa Rhinesmith, Social Media Manager at Affect Strategies

14 - 04/22/2011 Designing for Diversity

Guest lecturer:
Josh Hailpern, Social Spaces Lab

15 - 04/29/2011 Practice Presentation

Design a Design Jam Design Jam
16 - 05/06/2011 Final Presentations