Redesign Banner

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We are all familiar with Banner, a.k.a. U of I Enterprise Applications:

We also are familiar with how painful it is to use Banner. So, redesign it!

You are welcome to focus on a particular piece of Banner (e.g., registering for classes, billing, financial aid), or you may do a holistic redesign of the experience of using the system. You are also welcome to include other administrative services in your redesign to put more university services in a single place (e.g., NESSIE). Some questions that may or may not help your redesign process:

  • What would the ideal registration experience be like?
    • What information do you need?
    • How would it be easier to access that information?
    • What makes the process of registering difficult right now?
    • What would make the process of registering easier?
  • How could your billing information be managed more effectively?
  • How could it be easier to read your student bill?
  • How could all of the services that Banner offers be better organized for ease of access?