Weekly Final Project Check-ins

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This is an individual assignment.

Every week that this assignment appears on the Syllabus, you will be expected to email us and your team a bullet-point list of tasks that you have completed this week toward your final project as well as a list of tasks that you would like to complete for next week. The best way to complete this assignment is to keep running notes throughout the week of tasks that you complete for the project. You can use something like this as a template:

This week:

  • Installed application stack on development server
  • Investigated options for RESTful web services with Ingbert
  • Implemented changes to front page mockup based on user testing feedback

Next week:

  • Usability test with latest prototype on Tuesday night
  • Write up findings to send to team by Wednesday
  • Look into weird calendar bug with Ingbert

Please be sure to include a link to the current version of your final project functional prototype in your update.

Due Date/Time: 
Every Friday before class at 9 am
How to Submit: 
Email to instructors and team
10 points/Weekly Check-in Report