Pick a Technology for Next Week's Homework

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Next week's assignment is the Technology Tutorial assignment. This will largely be an individual assignment. To prep for this assignment, we are asking that you submit to us your choice of technologies to research by 11:55 pm on Thursday 3/10/2011. We will look at the technologies that you are interested in studying, and may have you coordinate your presentation with another classmate from a different final project group who is interested in studying the same technology.

The purpose of the Technology Tutorial assignment is to learn about a particular technology that might be useful for realizing your final project. You can pick any technology that you think might be interesting or useful. It need not be a technology that you will actually use. Rather, it's an opportunity for each of your group members to explore different technologies to examine whether or not they will be useful for your final project. For the assignment, you will be required to explore using the technology, write up your experiences in a brief write-up, and then present your experiences to the class. We strongly recommend reading through the Technology Tutorial assignment (link below) before picking a technology to study for the assignment.

Below is a very incomplete list of possible technologies that you can choose to explore. Do not feel compelled to pick one from the list. This list is repeated on the course wiki that we just set up. To select a technology put your name next to the technology on the wiki page at:


It's ok for more than one person to study a particular technology for this assignment, but generally, no two people from the same final project group should be studying the same technology. If a technology you want to examine for your final project group is particularly complicated, and you and another group member will be exploring different areas of functionality within that technology, please contact us over email and we may be open to give you permission to each study different aspects of that technology for this assignment.

Associated Homework Assignment: 
Due Date/Time: 
11:55 pm on Thursday 3/10/2011
How to Submit: 
Put it on the wiki: https://apps.lis.illinois.edu/wiki/display/sp11lis490it/Tech+Tutorial+Signups
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