Paper Prototyping Design Jam

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Divide into your final project groups. Obtain paper prototyping materials from the boxes of stuff for your group. Try to be sure you have at least some of each of the following (you can always get more):

  • Regular blank/recycled paper
  • Post-its of various sizes
  • Crayons, pens, markers
  • Index cards
  • Sticky Dots for buttons

Now divide your final project groups into 2 sub groups. Try to have at least 2 people in each sub group (though that won't be possible for all groups). Each person in the sub group should be from a different disciplinary background (if possible).

10 min - Each sub group should develop 1-2 different interface designs for your final project idea. Don't talk to the other sub group.

10 min - Gather back into your final project groups, talk about the designs you developed. Combine features of each design and create a new design.

10 min - Each final project group will send a person from your group to another group. Run a quick user test with the person who is visiting your group. You might have to tell them a bit about the persona who you are designing for, they might want to adopt that role--but don't ham it up too much at this point--you want your feedback to be real/visceral. Take notes on what the person's experience was with your prototype!

10 min - Redesign your interface to take into account the feedback you got from your user test.

10 min - Each final project group will send a different person from your group to another, different group. Repeat the user test to see how well your design works now. Take notes on what the person's experience was with your prototype!

10 min - Present your design and your experiences running the user tests to the class!

When we're done, it'll be break time!