Design a Useful E-Book Reader

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I still haven't found an e-book reader that works for me as a student. I know there are a ton of models out there, but none of them have all the features that I need. I need something that's good enough to replace textbooks, books I have to read for class, and can handle academic papers and articles. Thus, everything from a 10 page double column dense engineering paper, to a physics textbook with lots of tables and figures, to a novel like Moby Dick (and possibly graphic novels as well).

Design me the perfect e-book reader. Draw upon your needs and experiences as a student to inform your design work.

First of all, to be useful, my ideal e-book reader should have all the functionality that a regular paper book has. If the only benefit it has is that I don't need to cart a backpack full of books around, then that's a pretty solid benefit. If you can think of other benefits to be obtained from it's digital nature, then by all means include them.

Some things to think about:

  • annotation
  • screen type
  • screen size
  • device size
  • device weight
  • interface - physical and graphical