Multiple Doors to the Bathroom

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I live in an old house that has been remodeled several times to allow for different configurations of apartments. At this point in time, the entire house is being rented by my landlord as one unit, and I live there with two other friends from my department. Because of all the remodeling, however, the room configuration is a bit odd. As you can tell from the diagram below, one of my roommates and I have adjacent rooms, but we share a bathroom, with each room having a separate door leading to the bathroom:

Layout of the two bedrooms and the bathroom

While it is nice to have a semi-private bathroom that no guest is going to use, there is one aspect of the setup that is a huge pain to deal with: each door to each room has separate locks. Because it's an old house, the "locks" are in fact hooks that hook the door shut, and thus cannot be opened from the other side (barring creative use of screwdrivers, rulers, etc.). When I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or early in the morning and I'm groggy, I'll remember to lock the door to my roommate's room, but I'll completely forget to unlock it when I leave, which means my roommate has to knock on my door, cut through my room, or run downstairs if she has to use the bathroom. This is obviously a problem for her, and I think is starting to piss her off. Please help me find a solution to this problem!

For this exercise, please develop at least three different designs:

  • A solution that requires analog technology (i.e., no computers, electronics, etc.).
  • A solution that requires computing technology.
  • A solution that is social or at least non-technological (in the physical sense of the word).
    • Ask if you have trouble with figuring out whether a certain solution "counts" for this one--don't worry about being purely non-technological in your solution if you are having trouble.