Welcome to LIS490IT!

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Hey everyone,

This is your co-instructor Sunah here writing the inaugural blog post for the course! Ingbert and I are extremely excited to have you all joining us this semester. In the spirit of the course, we're experimenting with this site and several other tools to try to improve your experience in this class.

You can check out the information that we have so far using the links on the left. In this blog space, we're hoping to recap every class period and to write about other topics as they come up such as current events pertaining to the course or more in-depth discussion of topics that we didn't get to cover in class.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to use our contact info listed on the course administration page.

One thing I wanted to mention is that we've created a twitter account for the class, @lis490it. We're still experimenting with ways to use it so if you have any great ideas for us, feel free to tweet at us!

See you all on the first day of class!