Final Project Presentation

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This is a group assignment, which you will be working on with the members of your final project group.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice your pitch for clients, investors, and/or granting agencies, or other stakeholders in your project. Pick a particular target audience. Ideally this should be either investors/granting agencies who are willing to fund your work, or clients who would be paying as a way of developing a financially self-sufficient project. The challenge for your final project presentation is to create a pitch that will captivate their interest, and convince them that your idea is worth funding. Because of the nature of the class, the primary emphasis of this presentation will be on your idea, its prototype, and evidence you have that people will want to use it. But you should also provide some sense of how it would be financially sustainable, what the next steps in the development are, when it will be ready for partial adoption (think Alpha release), and when it will be ready for more full adoption. Thus, a time-line should figure into your presentation.

Be sure to present your final project prototype at its current state, no matter what the state is. For the purposes of the class, even if things are not working so well, that's ok. However, do try to have enough functional that your audience can get a visceral sense of what it is that you are trying to do.

Be creative with your presentation. Remember, your grade will be primarily on how well you sell your idea, based on how well you demo your prototype, how well you construct a convincing argument, and how well you've done your homework regarding adoption, cost, etc.

Your presentation should be no shorter than 15 minutes and not longer than 25 minutes. If you aim for 20 minutes, that is ideal.

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75 points: 25 points - how convincing the argument is 25 points - how effectively the prototype is presented 25 points - how well you demonstrate need, use, and financial sustainability