Final Project

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This is a group project you will be working on with your final project group members.

This assignment has a dual purpose: (a) to create a report plus prototype package which is ready to present to clients, investors, or granting agencies that is structured as a pitch for funding/paying for your idea, and (b) to create a design portfolio that both demonstrates the work you did in the class and provides a library of work from which you can select components to put into a design portfolio you would reference in job applications and in job interviews. Thus the components of your final project are as follows:

  1. A Design Portfolio that includes everything you created for class, including assignments you turned in, assignments you continued to work on (e.g., more ethnography, more interviews, rewritten personas, revised paper prototypes, etc.), snapshots of different stages of the development of your functional prototype, etc. We expect this portfolio to be clearly indexed and organized.
  2. A "final" iteration of your functional prototype that is structured for making a pitch to clients, investors, or granting agencies by demonstrating the power and "coolness" of your idea. They should want to use it after they have played with your prototype, and should be eager to see the next piece of functionality you develop (with their money).
  3. A final report that pulls together your work to demonstrate the value of your idea, and the evidence you have that people will actually want to use the product or service that you are developing.

We strongly recommend that you focus in on either a client, an investor, or a granting agency as an audience, as each audience will be looking for different things in a pitch. Thus, you should make it clear who your audience is, and what they are looking for. You can structure your report either as targeted toward a particular real individual or group, or you can structure it to be more generally adaptable to any particular individual or group who you might approach.

Associated Homework Assignment: 
Due Date/Time: 
Thursday, May 12th, 2011 11:55 pm
How to Submit: 
Moodle Dropbox:
150 points: 50 points for portfolio; 50 points for functional prototype; 50 points for investor/client report.