Functional Prototyping

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This is a group assignment you will be working on with the members of your final project group.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you started developing a rudimentary functional prototype using the most appropriate tools you have found so far, whether they be tools you learned about last week or other tools you think might be useful. Set up the technologies. Knit them together as best you can for now (simple HTML links between different technologies are fine for now if that will work for your project), if applicable. Put in some real content as best you can. This assignment is due the week after Spring Break, so you have some time, though if you will be busy during Spring Break, be sure you start on this one early.

The goal is to have something functional by the time you turn it in. We understand that you will likely run into unexpected difficulties, but be sure to write up all the details of what you tried, how it worked, and where you ran into trouble. This will help us give you useful feedback for how to proceed. Therefore, keep notes as you try things, and write them up in a report that you will submit Thursday evening before next class. The report should contain a link or some kind of pointer to what you have developed so far so we can try it out. It should also include your plan for next steps in the development of your prototype. If everything fails, write that up too, but do make your best effort to get something working.

The deliverables for this assignment include (a) a working prototype, (b) a report about your experience that includes what you have done, and next steps, (c) a brief 1-3 minute class presentation where you describe to your fellow students what you did, what difficulties you ran into, and what your next steps are.

Due Date/Time: 
Thursday, 3/31/2011, 11:55 pm.
How to Submit: 
Submit a report with a link and any slides you may want to use to Moodle Dropbox:
25 points