Technology Tutorial

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The purpose of this assignment is to learn about a particular technology that might be useful for realizing your final project. Information about selecting a technology to review is on the Pick a Technology for Next Week's Homework assignment page (link below). The sign-up page for selecting the technology you want to work on is:

This assignment is mostly an individual assignment. Generally, no two people in your final project group should be working on the same technology (baring the caveats explained in the Pick a Technology assignment). We may ask you to coordinate your class presentations with another person or people who are researching the same technology that you are.

To complete this assignment, use the technology you have selected. If you can find a good tutorial on the internet, running through it would be one way to complete this assignment. If it is a web service, use it on the web. If it is open source software, then download it, install it, and test it out. Do a fairly thorough investigation of how it may or may not meet your final project needs. All you need to do is test it out with dummy data, unless of course you have real data or information already which you can import into it. What we're looking for is whether you have explored the functionality enough in order to get a sense of whether it will be useful or not.

While you are exploring the technology, keep notes about what you tried, what works, what doesn't, where you run into difficulties, etc. Once you have competed the exploration, write up these notes into a report about your experience. Then create a brief 1-3 minute presentation to give in class that explains the features and functionality of the technology to your fellow students in such a way that they can decide whether or not the technology will be useful for them to adopt in their final projects.

The larger purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the functional prototyping that you will be doing next week.

Associated Homework Assignment: 
Due Date/Time: 
Report and Presentation Materials due: Thursday, 3/17/2011, 11:55 pm
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In-class presentation and Moodle Dropbox:
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