Create Final Project Personas

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This assignment is a group assignment that you are to do with your whole final project group.

In class we discussed how to create personas. For this assignment, you will be creating personas based (a) on the ethnographic research you have already done, and (b) based on more user research that you will need to do in order to create useful, believable, accurate personas. Please follow closely the guidelines that Cooper provides in the reading from last week.


First develop a short write-up (250-500 words) that describes your final project idea, its context of use, and the targeted users. This can be either in paragraph or bullet point form, but detail is important. Describe some problems people have with the current way of doing things that your idea is aimed at solving. Also describe any things some people may like about the current way of doing things that they wouldn't want to lose.


  1. Brainstorm somewhere between 10-20 different personas of different kinds of people who either (a) will be using your product, or (b) who will be involved surrounding the use of the product. This includes Cooper's personas for people you are explicitly *not* designing for. Make sure you include enough detail for each persona that they "come alive" as real people.
  2. Now talk about each persona, and figure out which personas can be collapsed into one another. Keep up this process iteratively, collapsing personas until you end up with your final set of primary personas.
    • Remember, each primary persona has unique goals, and in most cases, each primary persona will require their own interface.
    • There is no set number of primary personas. Rather, you will be discovering how many primary personas you need based on the idea you have and the features of the use environment you are targeting. You will know that you have primary personas when all of the goals of your personas are unique.
  3. Finally, flesh out each primary persona with sufficient detail so that you have about of page of descriptive information about each persona. Be sure you capture the essence of the persona in the manner Cooper recommends.


Submit your context statement, the drafts of your original 10-20 different personas, and the final draft of each of the primary personas.

Due Date/Time: 
Thursday 2/24/2011 at 11:55 pm
How to Submit: 
Moodle Dropbox:
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