User Testing Your Paper Prototypes

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Now that you've gotten some experience conducting user tests in class, do it for real using your paper prototypes with real users.

This is a group assignment to be completed with your final project group.

  1. Recruit 3-5 users from your target user group to participate in your user test. Do not include people who have experience with design, programming, industrial engineering, etc., if such people might be a subset of your user group.
  2. Schedule a time with them to conduct the test.
  3. Meet with your group before the first user test to:
    1. Iterate your paper prototypes for the user test so that they’re up-to-date.
    2. Prepare tasks for your users to conduct.
  4. Run a user test with each user in the manner practiced in class. Be sure to:
    • Designate a group member to act out the interface by manipulating your paper prototype without talking.
    • Designate a group member to be the primary person who interacts with the user by setting them the user task, etc. It is very important that this person does not ask any leading questions. They should also refrain from explaining the interface and details about what the product is supposed to do until after the test is completed!
    • If you can videotape the user test and you obtain your user's permission, please do so!
    • Iterate/redesign your paper prototype between each user! Use their experience to inform your new design.
  5. Redesign your paper prototype to reflect what you have learned from the user tests

The submission for this assignment is a 1-2 page write-up about your experience doing the test. What did you learn? What was surprising about your users' interactions with your interface? What design decisions did you make based on the experiences your users had using your interface? Include digital photos of each version of the paper prototype. Talk to us early if none of your group members have a digital camera or web cam to take the pictures so we can find you one to use. You can use HTML to create your write-up if you like (and just submit a link).

Due Date/Time: 
Thursday, 3/10/2011, 11:55 pm
How to Submit: 
Moodle Dropbox:
20 points