Brainstorm ~10 Final Project Ideas

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This assignment is intended to help you start thinking about ideas for possible final projects. It is meant to be a fun, exploratory exercise, so be creative and run with your imagination!

Develop a list of about 10 problems, needs, or the like that are potentially solvable and that interest/concern you. At this point, don’t worry about feasibility, instead, have fun with it and identify things you care about, things you think might be interesting, cool, necessary, and/or have impact. Also, you are under no obligation to use any of these ideas for your final project, so don't worry about that yet. It is often easier to do this with a group of people, so you may want to recruit a few of your friends or classmates for an informal brainstorming session. However, if you work with your classmates on this, you are still each responsible for about 10 ideas.

Descriptors that might be relevant (or not) to your ideas:

world changing
social justice

Some examples of ideas (you can use up to two of these, but only if you really like them):

I'm looking for jobs and I am having trouble of keeping track of what jobs applications are due when, which jobs I have applied for, and where the jobs are located in the country. I also find myself working on some applications for jobs which are less important to me simply because the applications are easier to find. Help! I need some technology to help me keep track of it all without me having to spend a huge amount of time just taking notes! Writing cover letters is hard enough!

My local schools and libraries have horrible websites that don't contain any of the information I need. What kind of technology can we develop that will streamline the process of creating web content for them so that updating the website is easy!

A web comic scrapbook that allows a group of people to create a collection of particular strips that, as an aggregate, describes one of their friends.

A service for online tutoring that recruits people with technical experience to train people who have little to no technical experience via the web to help them learn how to create their own dynamic web content.

An augmented reality device that shows you where all the nearby restrooms are when you point it in a particular direction, and creates a display that shows via color and visual distortion how clean they are, if there is a fee for using them (and how much the fee is - e.g., European bathrooms), etc.

Due Date/Time: 
This assignment is due Thursday, 1/27/2011, at midnight so we can review it before next class.
How to Submit: 
Submit this assignment by sending a copy of what you produce to both instructors via email: "Sunah Suh" <>, "Ingbert Floyd" <>,
This assignment is worth 10 points.