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Grading & Evaluation

This class is primarily project based. There will a variety of assignments including design jams, homework, various components of the major project, and participation.

Late Assignments

Late assignments are worth 0 points unless you talk to us.

Final Grades

In this class, the relative worth of your assignments are as follows:

Design Jam 10 points (for completion)
Homework Assignments 10-50 points each
Participation 100 points
Final Project Practice Presentation 25 points
Final Project Presentation 75 points
Final Project Portfolio (including final functional prototype) 150 points

Final grades will be assigned on an absolute scale:

100% A+
92%-99% A
90%-91% A-
88%-89% B+
82%-87% B
80%-81% B-
78%-79% C+
72%-77% C
70%-71% C-
68%-69% D+
62%-67% D
60%-61% D-
0%-59% F

Fractional grades will always be rounded up. Thus, a grade of 81.01% would be rounded up to an 82%, and the student would receive a "B".

Calculating Your Final Grade

We will calculate your final grade by adding up the number of points you have received on all of your assignments, participation, etc., and then dividing it by the total number of points you could have received. All students start out with zero points. By completing assignments and participating in the class, you will earn points as the semester progresses.

Submitting Assignments

For now we will be having you submit your assignments via Moodle Dropbox. We will explain how to do this in class.

Participation (100 points)

Participation is defined to be the intentional involvement in the class to improve students' learning experience. Thus, participation can take any of a number of forms:

  • Asking a question when you are confused - this improves your learning experience when you get the answer, and if you ask it during class, it can also improve your fellow students' learning experience.
  • Answering a question (whether it was asked by an instructor or by your fellow student) when you know the answer - this improves your fellow students' learning experience.
  • Posing a question when you think that something is incorrect - this can improve the entire class's learning experience by uncovering inadvertent errors, or by uncovering underlying complexity that had been over-simplified.
  • Helping your fellow students comprehend the material.
  • Providing your analysis or opinion on class readings during class discussions.
  • Productive participation during design jams.
  • Productive participation during group work.

The more people you benefit by your participation, the more credit you get. Thus, you get more credit for participating in a manner that helps both you and your classmates than you do for just helping yourself. Thus, for example, asking a question in class at the appropriate time is worth more credit than asking us in office hours because your fellow students can both hear the question and the answer. While each individual action does not count for a set number of points, we will be keeping records of who does what, and at the end of term, we will make a qualitative judgment based on those records.

Participation in this class is worth 100 points. Thus it is a very important part of your grade. Please be sure to participate.

Homework (10-50 points each)

Homework is assigned to build your skills based on what we are doing in class. Please be sure to complete them on time, as that will make what we do in class more relevant.

Design Jam (10 points each)

Design jams will be conducted at the beginning of most classes. These will be worth 10 points each for completion if you put a reasonable effort into them.